Effective Tips to Make Teeth Whitening Results Last

Whether you’re looking forward to a social event or just want brighter teeth, a professional teeth whitening can make your smile stand out! Professional teeth whitening is a safe and easy procedure that rarely takes longer than an hour. It is important to know how to protect your teeth from stains after you’ve had a whitening procedure. That is because whatever whitening techniques your dentist may use, you can undo the results of your treatment quickly with certain lifestyle habits. One example is the frequent consumption of foods and drinks with staining properties that can dull your smile. 

woman holding a floss

To help you protect your improved smile, Family Dental Care has provided some effective tips to prevent your teeth from being stained!

Avoid smoking

Aside from causing bad breath, gingivitis, and increasing the risk of cancers, smoking is one of the worst offenders to staining teeth! Tobacco can cause brown stains that penetrate the grooves and pits of the tooth enamel which can be hard to remove just by brushing alone. The longer you smoke, the more ingrained the stains become. 

Use a straw

If you don’t typically drink tea, coffee and wine with straws, maybe it’s time for you to start now. Using a straw will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks while keeping your teeth stain-free. By drinking through a straw, this can keep beverages from touching the outside of your teeth. You can also use a straw when drinking sodas and sports drinks, as these beverages usually have artificial coloring. For best results, put the straw’s end halfway into your mouth to prevent your drink from reaching your teeth.

Eat foods that protect your teeth

Did you know that certain foods are good for your oral health? Crunchy fruits and vegetables that are packed with water can help keep your teeth healthy and dazzling. This is because they aid in producing saliva when you chew them. Saliva neutralizes acids that cause the tooth enamel to break down and leave your teeth more susceptible to stains. Cheese is another good food that benefits your teeth for the same reason. Chewing cheese increases your saliva production. It also contains calcium and phosphorus—minerals that help strengthen your tooth enamel and make them resilient against decay and stains.

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